Friday, 8 January 2010

King Midas Sound - Waiting For You

King Midas Sound - Waiting For You
King Midas Sound
"Waiting For You"
Hyperdub November 2009

I first discovered the true meaning of dub in a Vauxhall basement where an art student friend of mine played me old Jah Shaka 7” off a rig with enough bass to destroy a whole block of houses.
Having learned from that experience, to understand this record, it should be enjoyed, not on puny bass free ipod headphones, but on a good sound system with a little vinyl crackle (let's keep our fingers crossed for the vinyl release).
Waiting For You is the album Massive Attack would have made with King Tubby in a post dubstep world. The album is full of minimal textures which are decorated with beautifully authentic analogue delays and reverbs; a wonderful mix with Roger Robinson’s poetic lyrics and sun soaked accent.
Earth a Kill Ya, one of the highlights describes his grandmother’s philosophy on poverty and a need for environmental awareness.

“Look how they poison all the water,
And sellin’ it back to us in plastic bottles”

Robinson’s deep warm voice is nicely contrasted with his haunting falsetto and occasional vocals from Hitomi. The record is itself has a haunting vibe about it, as on the ghostly metalophone melodies of Meltdown and Blue.
Lost, another highlight is a dancier number full of steppy rhythms and a wonky plucked melody.
Waiting For You exposes a whole new side to Kevin Martin who we know better for his dancehall infused Dubstep productions as The Bug. Together with Robinson, they have successfully managed to keep the records authentic and true to its musical heritage whilst giving it a very modern edge. Another great piece of Bass music from Kode 9’s Hyperdub imprint…

King Midas sound also recently did a very nice mix for Fact Magazine.


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