Sunday, 22 February 2009

Commix - Fabriclive 044

"Fabriclive 044"
Fabric 02/09

As a Drum ‘n’ Bass fan, I find there has been a severe lack in innovation in mix CDs of recent times, DJ’s relying on big anthems to make up for the mediocre productions that make up there sets. However, this mix is different, it features tunes varying from minimal techno tinged 2-step to deeper tracks with an old skool amen break influence.
The way in which the mix itself is constructed demonstrates commix’ affinity for techno music; there are no rewinds, scratches or double drops. Instead, just smooth long mixes to keep you locked into the groove.
Out of the 4 of Commix’ own productions featured on the mix, D-Bridges remix of Belleview particularly shines through. But the mix showcases great tracks from Logistics, Instra:mental, Photek and Spectrasoul.
At times, some of the tracks seem a little bare and lacking the energy you’d expect from a d’n’b mix, the use of unusual and interesting sounds keep you interested.
Overall, a hypnotic set showcasing an alternative to the somewhat stagnant mainstream jump up drum ‘n’ bass scene. Great for getting lost in time both on and off the dancefloor!

Here's a little video interview of Commix explaining what they're trying to acheive with this mix and other current projects.


01. Commix - Life We Live
02. Rufige Crew - Sometime Sad Day
03. D-Bridge - Creatures of Habit
04. Alix Perez - The Reckoning
05. Data - The Causeway
06. Logistics - Murderation
07. Commix - Justified
08. Spectrasoul - Buried
09. Calibre - Can’t Get Over You
10. Lynx & Alix Perez Ft. Kemo - Dangerous
11. Commix - Belleview (D-Bridge’s Belle-reviewed Mix)
12. Spectrasoul & Ben E - Suppression
13. Calibre - In Denial
14. Commix - Bear Music
15. OAK - No Sunrise
16. Jonny L - Common Origin
17. Breakage - Old School Ting
18. Instra:mental - No Future
19. Photek - Yendi
20. Instra:mental - Photograph

Saturday, 14 February 2009

LFCast 001 The LFSaw Blogs own podcast!

I've been working hard creating a podcast for this Blog. It contains new and interesting music (mostly electronic) that I discover. Please check back for new episodes and let me know what you think!

Download LFCast001


Scuba Tell Her [Hotflush]
Squarepusher Delta-V [Warp]
Laroux In For The Kill [Kitsune]
Frog Pocket Celebrimbor Tur-Anion [Planet Mu]
Noisia Diplodochus [Quarantine]
Starkey Dark Alley [Planet Mu]
2000F You Don't Know What Love Is [Hyperdub]
Fujiya & Miyagi Lightbulbs [Full Time Hobby]
The Prodigy Omen [XL]
Zomby Spliff Dub [Hyperdub]

Links mentioned in the show:

Amon Tobin Live in Brussels Mix featuring unfinished Noisia Colaboration

2000F January mix for getdarker