Saturday, 21 March 2009

LFCast 002 New music (and a bit of talking)

Well here's the next episode of the LFCast, Hope you like it! Don't hesitate to get in touch with the show either by leaving a message or e-mailing with LFCast in the subject.

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Gui Borrato - Atomic Soda [Kompakt]
Chase 'n' Status - Against all odds ft. Kano [Ram]
Burial - Untitled [Hyperdub]
Instra:Mental - Photograph [Darkestral]
Zu - Ostia [Ipecac]
Sylvain Chaveau - Nuage III [Kompakt]
Venetian Snares - Deep Dicking [Planet Mu]
Boxcutter & Kinnego Flux - A Familiar Sound [Kinnego]
Your Inafamous Harp - Null Sand Mandala [unsigned]
Synkro - Tell Me [Synkro 002]
Stressor - Throwback [Dub]


Robotronic Radio with Gui Borrato interview and album preview

Autonomic Podcast (compiled by instra:mental)

Your Infamous Harp album stream and download

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Various Artists - Kompakt Pop Ambient

Various Artists
"Pop Ambient"
Kompakt 23/02/2009

Ambient music, by its own definition, can often be over-looked. It's easily ignorable and sometimes just hides away in the subtext of world or art cinema.
This compilation series, now in its 9th edition, demonstrates the variety of approaches that can be taken to create dream like states through sound. From Popnoname’s synth based Nightliner to the simple string and piano chord progressions of Sylvain Chauveau’s Nuage III, the album takes you through a series of textures, shimmering timbres and intriguing repeating patterns.
There is a certain sense of honesty that comes with these pieces, the composers have built on the ideas of the minimalist and ambient pioneers such as Reich, Eno and Nyman to produce work that doesn’t require conceptual justification but speaks for itself.
These tracks are perfect for relaxing and reflecting to, it’s the kind of music that allows you to take a step back and see your life from a “birds-eye view”.
Stand out tracks include: Nuage III, A dream of a spider and True enemies & false friends (yesteryears suite).

Check here for clips.

Track Listing:

01. Klimek - True Enemies & False Friends (Yesteryears Suite)
02. Sylvain Chauveau - Nuage Iii
03. Mint - Hindemith
04. Popnoname - Nightliner
05. Sylvain Chauveau - Fly Like a Horse
06. J├╝rgen Paape - Ausklang (Burger/Voigt Mix)
07. Marsen Jules - It’s Only Castles Burning
08. Tim Hecker - Shosts
09. Andrew Thomas - A Dream of a Spider
10. Burger/Voigt - Frieden
11. The Fun Years - I Am Speaking Through Barbara
12. Klimek and Husak - The Godfather (For William Basinski & Snoop Dogg)