Thursday, 6 August 2009

Bop - Clear Your Mind

"Clear You Mind"
Medschool 27/7/2009

Bop is a vegan retro computer game enthusiast from St. Petersburg who makes ambient tinged electronic music. His album “Clear Your Mind” is proof that an electronic dance musician’s style is not defined by his/her chosen genre. The album spans the tempos of Drum ‘n’ Bass, Dubstep and Techno perfectly naturally whilst demonstrating a unified and unique approach.
The tracks all have a spacey techno aesthetic strongly favouring the use of synthetic glitchy percussion sounds and blade runner style pads over the edited Amen Breaks and ragga vocals that are more common place in Bops scene. His approach to drum programming is also very different to his Medschool label mates, focusing on 2 or three spaced out hits at a time rather than a mass of multi frequency layers.
The music has real dream-like quality to it, the ambient synths matched with minimal spaced out percussion could describe a slow motion run through a sea of clouds.
A few artists spring to mind when listening to the album, such as Boards of Canada, 2562, and Gui Borato however, like these artists, Bop’s music displays a distinct sound that is definitely his own.
Stand out tracks include the minimal space-garage vibes of “Clear Your Mind”, the vocoded synth cries of “Nothing Makes Any Sense” and the glitchy iceyness of “Random Thoughts”.
One of my pet hates is labels that release the vinyl version of an album with half the track listing of the CD version. This is especially frustrating coming from a division of Hospital records who claim to support vinyl with their “Stop the war on vinyl campaign”.
Most labels these days include a full CD or download insert with the vinyl copy. Consequently, this review is only concerned with the vinyl track listing including the “Song About My Dog” 12” single.

for more info:
The Drum 'n' Bass forum site Dogs On Acid have done a feature on Bop and the album, this includes a mix that Bop recorded for them.

Here is the official promo mix for the album, including most of the tracks featured on the album. go to Bop's website for the mix tracklisting and more free stuff.


Vinyl versionCD version
A : Ataraxia01. Tears Of A Lonely Metaphysician
B1: Clear Your Mind02. Enjoy The Moment
C  : Nothing Makes Any Sense03. Ataraxia
D  : Chaosomos04. Forms, Ideas and Chips
05. Lost In This World
06. Clear Your Mind
07. Nothing Makes Any Sense
08. Zakoulki Soznaniya
09. Random Thoughts
10. I Found You
11. Rovor
12. Chaosmos
13. Song About My Dog

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